Mahir Reiss on Physical Therapy After an ACL Surgery

Mahir Reiss on Physical Therapy After an ACL Surgery

Mahir Reiss is a physical therapist in San Diego, California, who runs his own practice. There, he and the other professionals treat a range of clients. Some are recovering from injury or falls, while others are trying to regain strength after surgery. Clients range in ages and ideal activity levels. Dr. Reiss knows that recovering […]

The Signs That You Need Physical Therapy

The Signs That You Need Physical Therapy

For athletes and physically active individuals, injury is an unfortunate yet common occurrence. Muscle strains and sore backs happen, as do more serious situations such as sprained ankles. However, it’s important to understand the distinction between a minor injury that calls for rest, and a more serious concern that requires physical therapy. Here’s how to […]

Physical Therapy for Seniors

Physical Therapy for Seniors

While physical therapy is an effective way to come back from a sports-related injury, it also benefits a much larger group than just athletes. Kids and elderly individuals can reap the benefits of working with a licensed physical therapist. In fact, physical therapy is useful for anyone who is suffering from illness, disease, chronic pain, […]

Mahir Reiss: Physical Therapy Professional

Mahir ReissMahir Reiss is a licensed physical therapist who believes that regular physical therapy sessions are one of the most effective ways to recover from an injury, heal from surgery, manage chronic pain, and prevent further complications. At his practice, Reiss and Westwood Physical Therapy, Dr. Mahir Reiss and his partner, Dr. Bob Westwood, provide comprehensive care to a diverse group of patients.

Dr. Mahir Reiss knows that personalized care is essential to the success of a physical therapy program. Because each client has different goals, abilities, and symptoms, treatment must vary from patient to patient. A knowledgeable physical therapist will treat a marathon runner differently than they would treat a young child or an elderly individual who’s hoping to get back to daily walks around the block. The professionals at Reiss and Westwood Physical Therapy treat their patients based on their lifestyle and goals.

Mahir Reiss believes that a successful physical therapy program stems from a partnership between the practitioner and the client. When a physical therapist is made aware of a client’s symptoms, wishes, and limitations, he or she is better able to customize a program that works to get that individual back to their desired activity level, while minimizing the discomfort they’re currently experiencing. He believes that proper communication is essential in order for quick progress.

About Dr. Mahir Reiss

Dr. Reiss obtained a Bachelor of Science in biology from Georgetown University.  From there, he went on to the University of Delaware, where he got his DDS. At the University of Delaware he met Bob Woodward. After spending time at several other physical therapy practices, the two men decided to set out on their own, and Reiss and Woodward Physical Therapy was born. As the practice grew, Doctors Reiss and Woodward took on two additional therapists, as well as a nutritionist and a massage therapist in order to better serve the needs of their clients.

With over 35 years of clinical experience, Dr. Reiss offers the expertise necessary to provide effective healing. Though he has spent years working as a physical therapist, Dr. Reiss continues to stay on top of industry developments by reading industry publications, articles, and attending continuing education seminars. This ensures that he’s always aware of new techniques and tools that he can incorporate into his own practice to better serve his patients. Mahir Reiss is also a member of several prestigious professional groups including the American Physical Therapist Association and the California Physical Therapy Association.

Today, the professionals of Reiss and Westwood Physical Therapy use a variety of manual therapy, aquatic therapy, and land exercise techniques in order to help patients regain balance and strength, improve their range of motion, and lessen their pain. Some of the facility’s most popular services are:

  • Physical therapy to all areas of the body
  • Programs that specifically work to prevent the need for surgery
  • Arthritis minimization
  • Spine rehabilitation
  • Chronic pain treatment
  • Balance and coordination training
  • Shoulder surgery rehabilitation programs
  • ACL surgery rehabilitation programs
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Massage therapy
  • Aquatic therapy

The group offers evening and weekend appointments in order to accommodate the work and family obligations that many clients must balance.

Mahir Reiss on Finding Success in the Field

Mahir Reiss explains that physical therapy is a competitive yet rewarding field. It requires a significant amount of training, as well as dedication and enthusiasm in order to build up a steady client base. Aspiring physical therapists frequently seek guidance from Dr. Reiss, asking what characteristics they must possess in order to have a lengthy career. Dr. Reiss notes that the following traits are essential for any physical therapist, regardless of your client base or areas of expertise:


Ultimately, the job of a physical therapist is similar to that of a doctor or a nurse. You’re helping patients to heal and get back to their ideal life. To do this, you’ll spend time working with those who are overcoming injuries and surgery. In many instances, these people are working through significant amounts of pain. You’ll need to have compassion for your clients’ situation and dedicate yourself to getting them feeling better again.


As a professional physical therapist, you’ll work with a diverse group of patients. One session may find you coaching a professional athlete, only to meet a young child or an elderly individual during your next appointment. You must have tolerance for a range of personality types and situations. The ability to treat each client with respect and kindness is essential.

Communication abilities

As a practitioner, you’ll need to talk to patients about how they’re progressing; you’ll also have to make recommendations about what they can do to continue to improve. Every day, a physical therapist must write up notes and reports about their patients’ progress. If you have a difficult time expressing yourself, then this part of the job may become an overwhelming task for you.


The recovery process is often a slow one. As a physical therapist, you must remain patient as you help your patients to heal. If you feel frustrated by their lack of progress, this aggravation will spread to your clients, and it will become difficult to make any type of gains. Instead, you must have the ability to remain levelheaded and optimistic, even when the individual is only making small steps toward healing.


Ultimately, much of the success of a physical therapist comes from using the knowledge you’ve gained over the years, and building off of past experiences to help you work with current patients. If you’ve treated dozens of ACL patients, you’ll know how to handle the one who’s standing in front of you today. If you’ve never treated someone who’s had shoulder surgery before, the task may prove more daunting. By gaining experience, it will become much more clear what is needed to treat your clients. In fact, this component is so important that most physical therapy programs have a clinical requirement that students must complete in order to graduate.

An interest in learning

The field of physical therapy is always changing and developing. You must express a genuine interest in staying on top of this progress. If new technologies emerge and you are unaware of them, you may inadvertently put your patients at a disadvantage. In order to work most effectively, you must use all of the tools available to you and your clients.

Mahir Reiss is a licensed physical therapist who owns and operates his own practice, Reiss and Westwood Physical Therapy, in San Diego, California. Mahir Reiss notes that compassion, patience, an interest in learning, and experience are important characteristics that any physical therapist must possess.

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